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Yesterday I was alone in the house my parents had gone to a meeting had gasnas to masturbate since I had worked on the page and I had not made any private and I felt hot, I had my hard cock parceia a palo. I went to the balcony of my house and there was a building worker cleaning the walls, he had an excellent body, a nice face and a big ass. He saw that in my shorts it was seen that my cock was about to burst the button and the tambayo put duo I made him a smile and he went fence until my balcony invited him to pass and I offered him water he was sweating they saw him The abs and his big biceps. Quickly I throw my hand to touch his cock and he left then he voltie and licked his ass until he left it well dilated then we went to the cuato and look for a condom to eat me that beautiful ass, was great was an expreinecia fenomel I liked it a lot also had Afraid my parents would come. Every step in 45 minutes.

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