If you want something different, join in my show and tell me your requests. I`ll try to make them to became true.


Believe me when I`m saying I`m a true expert of delivering pleasure to people. I am glad if I can learn new tricks, though. Got anything up Your sleeves?


iam guy who love enjoy time with guy who know what they want ,more than talking about sex i love do sex past i met with lot of experience how to enjoy this body activities ...more than fucking i love be fucked its half on half ...How i said ,fucking hole is great ,butCumingWithCoc kInMyHoleIs

The Masturbation Club Gay Cam Club with Jake Washington

The Masturbation Club Gay Cam Club with Jake Washington

The Masturbation Club Gay Cam Club with Jake Washington
The Masturbation Club Gay Cam Club with Jake Washington

Today I tried webcamming by myself for the first time on this site! It was fun, lots of nice people, and I feel like I’m starting to figure it out. The rest of my day was pretty droll, I moved to montreal because it was exciting and new, but without a job and without very many friends, it’s hard to find a lot to keep busy with. My parents keep asking me to move back home to Ontario with them, but I’m definitely going to stick it out here a little longer before moving back into my parents house. My boyfriend has been helpful with the transition, although part of the reason I want a job so bad is so that he’ll stop covering the rent! I feel like a charity case! Lately I’ve been trying to keep busy through reading, volunteering at a start up LGBT library which I think is really cool, and, of course, camming. I’ve also been really into the T.V show Dexter lately. I hope that I will be given opportunities here to meet new people soon (other than my boyfriend’s friends, lol), and find a stable job, so that my life here can finally start. Until then, I’m a bit of a lone wolf. But I’ve moved around before, just have to keep my head above water, even when there’s no land in sight (or something inspirational along those lines).

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The Masturbation Club Gay Cam Club

Skinny Jimmy: Back Again

Hey to everyone I'm coming back starting tomorrow night sorry for waiting so long i've been waiting for a while to figure when it was the right time to come back but i feel now is better than any other time it will take time to get back up to where i was before I still have the goal of going to Orlando. well the dream anyways the nice warm place I can't wait and i also can't wait for tomarrow now that i have worked out and feel stronger than ever for the past couple of weeks i think you guys would really love the differnce, I never really showed myself on here where I didn't work out though I still have the same dream to be a go go boy as well this time i feel more positive than ever to ge to it and would love to show some of you the new dance moves i have learned though out the months with the last couple of months I got a job working with meat whitch i fine ironic with my thing saying I came for the hotdogs and thats another thing i work with I'm saving up and would love some more help I've been whatching tons of motivational speakers so words and people don't really bother me or can stop me dead in my tracks so again I hope to see all my old fans and as well new fans and we can catch up for all the time that spent away :)

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