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today i woke up early and i went to work out, i ran i little bit and did a lot of push ups i saw this guy looking at me , then i found the same guy at the bus station he reached next to me and told me that i was attractive to him, he asked me to go drink a coffee i accepted after that he says that he wanted my phone number but i give him the wrong one because his face was looking to evil like he had intensions of hurt me, i hope i never see that guy again .

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well the update is im more open out now im just here to make you guys happy and satisfied i have been doing other things in my life that it helps me keep track of things that i have going im slim and cute no harmones yet but im getting there i always been a natural beauty i wasent really sure if i wanted to take them to become the woman that i want to be but i realize something im beautiful in and out and can careless what people think of me im so fun to just be around at moments when needing a drink or two or just in the wind tasting the good now i have marked where i left off more stories about me you will know soon about muahhhh

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